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Xsyntrik Nomad Is Now Rain Crow Rambles

When I started planning for this lifestyle I wanted to share my journey. I created Xsyntrik Nomad with a limited understanding of what I would accomplish from it. I hired someone to put the site together for me and I began writing.

My journey, aspirations, and writing have since evolved.

In the three years since I spent my first night in , I have realized I may be too much of a perfectionist to have an income-earning blog. It can take me 2-4 weeks to write and publish a blog post. I suffer from writing-related perfection paralysis and I cannot seem to overcome it.

I am also prone to rambling. (in more ways than one lol)

For the last two years, I have wanted to change my blog. I did not know what change I wanted, and to a degree, I still don't. I just knew a change needed to happen.

Two months ago, I began discussing this with The Monster. After multiple conversations, they suggested my blog/website should be a representation of who I am, with no concern with whether it will or won't make money. They suspected this would make for more relaxed writing.

They also suggested any change should start with a name and URL that felt authentic. Personal.

Insert Rain Crow Rambles.

The rambles portion of the name, for anyone who knows me at all, is a suitable description of who I am. From my writing and speaking to my insatiable wanderlust. It fits me perfectly.

The Rain Crow part? It's a nickname my father gave me when I was 3 years old. It's a name my parents still use for me, even today. There is a funny and sweet story behind it, of course, but it's a story I don't want to give away. :-)

Rain Crow Rambles is as much tribute to my parents as it is something very special to me.

What To Expect

As far as content, I don't know. I have some ideas, but for now, I'm just happy with where things are. My job consumes more time than I would like at the moment, but I'm thankful to have work in this crazy time.

My previous host (and WordPress) became increasingly complicated to navigate for me. I decided to go with something simpler and less frustrating. Instead of paying 160 a year to keep it up, I suspended XsyntrikNomad altogether. Everything has moved here and is no more.

I'm in the process of changing the name on Social Media accounts as well.

Here we go!

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