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Unexpected Countdown to Launch Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Countdown To Launch Update – Expect The Unexpected

I am facing a completely unexpected delay in my launch.  It happens to almost everyone at some point, but I have refused to believe it could happen to me.  I have been pretty adamant that I would be leaving no matter what on my launch date, even if I didn’t have the van build started, let alone complete.

I have even told my friend Patrick on many occasions that all I need to start is a mattress and a bucket.  🙂  What I didn’t count on was not having the van by now.  It isn’t looking likely I will have it by the end of the year either.

Unexpected indeed.

At this stage, having the van is the most important piece of the puzzle.  While I’m not without options, none feel financially responsible.  A delay is almost certain though I remain annoyingly optimistic.  I still believe anything is possible.

My plan has been in place for a long time, so the obstacles did throw me at first, but there is really nothing I can’t work out with a little more time and money.  And speaking of money…

Would You Still Do This If You Won The Lottery?
Without a doubt.  It seems no matter how much I explain my plan for this grand adventure is a philosophy of living as much as a lifestyle, people struggle to understand.  The only way money impacts my decision is if there is a lack of it.  Still, I admit money is a big reason for my current delay.

While outfitting a cargo van for this lifestyle is cheaper than buying a used Class B (in most cases), there is a certain amount of money involved.  The van, the build, the solar/electric set up, and resolving potential mechanical issues on a used vehicle, are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are monthly and annual expenses as well:  cell phone, internet, insurance, van loan payments (for some), gym membership, park passes, roadside assistance, campgrounds when you can’t boondock, etc.

While the lifestyle isn’t particularly costly, there are start-up expenses, precautions, and preparations you’ll encounter.  And almost every full-timer I know advocates having emergency savings to handle those unexpected situations on the road.

That’s where I am getting stuck.  Darn that reasonable and rational (yet pesky) emergency savings idea.  I could buy the van now with no problem.  However, I am upside down on my car loan.   I would need to use 3k of savings to finance a van to resolve the issue.

I am all about going for it, being bold and daring, but that emergency fund is not a joke.  Too many full-timers, with and without backup funds, have run into problems.  Most were either grateful they had one or devastated because they did not.  I do not want to end up the latter of the two.


Finding a remote full-time job would resolve nearly all my problems.  It would put me on track to leave in late September, just a month behind schedule.  (a regular income makes said emergency fund seem less pressing)

However, finding remote work is proving a fairly difficult task when you also need health benefits.  Soooo…. I have started looking at temporarily keeping my domicile in AZ so I can get affordable insurance at www.healthcare.gov, and budget for possible part-time work.

The biggest challenge I am finding, from the employers I have reached out to so far, is their steadfast requirement that I have either high-speed internet or a landline phone.  (Hard to do in a van that will be moving)   The competition is also fierce for remote jobs, but I feel like I am competent enough to switch industries if I need to.

There are a couple of other things I am working on regarding my car and financing the van.  Nothing I can really speak about yet, but the minute I figure it out I will it!

I already had plans for the first 2 weeks of September.  Even though my launch is delayed, I still plan to make that trip. Otherwise, right now I am taking it month by month.  

I am keeping my eyes and options open, my attitude optimistic and my end goal in sight.  I’ve never been committed to anything in my life more than pursuing this dream.  I won’t let a few silly obstacles prevent me from fulfilling it.

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