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Throwing Dreams Into The Universe

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I was looking through my ‘writing starts’ folder tonight, looking for a topic to write on for my next post, when I found a short email I sent myself from work in March:

I want to finish getting rid of everything I don’t need.  I want to put what’s left into a van or SUV and go.  I want to go home to California for a few months.  I want to try Colorado on for size.  I want to check out that vegetarian restaurant in Missoula Montana I read about.  I don’t know how long I’ll stay.  6 months?  Maybe I’ll stay a year if I like the place really well.

Maybe I want to start driving and live with a different view out my window every day for a while.  I want to have the luxury of never having to put down roots anywhere again unless I decide I want to.  These are my dreams.  I am going to throw them out into the universe as frequently as I can.   

I have no direct memory of sending this note to myself, but how nice of me to do so!  Based on the time stamp of the email, it was shortly after finding the map, but a few weeks before discovering the Office Hobo.  

Though I had done some fairly insignificant research on travel trailers by this time, it was mostly in the capacity of parking one somewhere for 6 months or so at a time.  I didn’t fully understand that I would eventually decide to travel the country full-time by RV.  

All I knew for certain was I wanted to minimize to a point everything I owned would fit in my vehicle.  I wanted the freedom to leave wherever I was, whenever I wanted, on a whim.

The message content suggests I was on a direct path to the epiphany that came with more clarity later.  It’s interesting to see how I was self-discovering through the process even early on.  

I don’t know if I sent myself more of these notes, but I hope I did. I won’t search for their existence though.  If there are more, I want to come by them organically as I did this one.  It was kind of a cool moment for me tonight.

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