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The Inspiration Behind My Decision #4: The Doers

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Wanderlust Inside - XsyntrikNomad.com. A lone travel trailer, presumably owned by 'doers', travels along a solitary forest road enveloped by trees, with sunlight filtering through the branches.

I’m becoming a doer. A dreamer living my dream.

There are dreamers and there are doers.  Then there are the dreamers who are hell-bent on becoming doers.   I am in hell-bent category. “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” as my Granny used to say.

Even before the Office Hobo epiphany, I had begun researching travel trailer living options, but I was looking at it from the standpoint of having a small space, not necessarily being mobile.  

Now that I knew I wanted to be mobile, I liked the idea of what the Office Hobo was doing, but I needed more distant travel involved.  I wanted to live in California again, but I also wanted to live for a while in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Maine, New York, etc. 

As I was thinking all of this through, I began doing various Google searches for full-time travelers and RVers.  One of the first ‘Doers’ I came across was Technomadia, who has been a constant go-to resource since.  

They’re a couple of self-proclaimed Gen-X geeks on the road since 2006 and joined in their adventures by their cat Kiki.  They are considered mobile technology experts, and with good reason, but I will get to that in a moment.

This long time nomadic couple offers honest reviews on the plethora of products and services being marketed to the mobile lifestyle community.  They share these reviews, along with mobile lifestyle tips and tricks, through their website (linked above) and YouTube channel.  

They also have a series of videos that I am particularly fond of called Rambling:  Tales from Nomads, where they interview many working age full-timers who share why they chose to full-time and what they do for a living on the road.

As I mentioned, Technomadia are known as mobile technology experts and share much of their knowledge freely on their website and YouTube channel.  For those who are looking for more in-depth information, or have a particular geek tendency like I do, they offer a membership driven website I have joined and highly recommend.  

The RV Mobile Internet Resource Center offers updates to the ever-changing mobile internet landscape and provides you with a free copy of their Mobile Internet Handbook eBook, and I believe you get free updates for as long as you are a member.  

You can also buy a singular copy of the most current edition of the eBook here:  The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2015 US RV-ers Edition.  This eBook is a valuable resource if you plan to work remotely while traveling.

Another pair of ‘doers’ I found while beginning my research is Gone with the Wynns.  They are a fun, cute, and sometimes quirky young couple who sold everything, bought an RV, and hit the road with their 2 cats in tow.  

They are interesting to follow and offer many helpful tips, but I think their YouTube Channel has great entertainment value as well.  A recent favorite video shows them crossing the border into Alaska.  About 5 minutes in they find they have a screw in one of their tires and at about 11 minutes or so I am laughing out loud.  

I learn from their videos as well.  For example, they had some great indoor winter RVing tips where they spoke about the humidity propane can generate in winter, which is something I had not heard elsewhere in all my months of planning and research.  

They are really popular in their niche and much of that can be attributed to their wonderful personalities, but their videos are also very skillfully produced, which doesn’t hurt.

A final ‘doer’ I want to mention is Eric and his very vocal cat Jax, of Nomadic Fanatic fame.  I actually found his YouTube channel by accident in February while researching alternative living in a travel trailer.  Eric is just a regular guy from the Pacific Northwest who enjoys living a simple mobile lifestyle.  

When I started watching his channel he had an old Tioga Class C RV with some mechanical issues that he ultimately sold.  I watched him transition from the RV, into a converted van for several months, and now he is back in another older Tioga.  

He shares lots of videos with tips and tricks and most include his cat Jax, which I find completely adorable.  He is a true explorer and finds incredible boondocking locations everywhere he goes.  I really enjoy his good-natured, down to earth attitude and I’ve actually learned some stuff in the process.

While I don’t know a single person mentioned in this or any of my previous posts, they have all played a significant part in helping me understand what I want and how I intend to get there.   Perhaps I will be lucky enough to cross paths with some of them when I finally get on the road myself in 2016.

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