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The Inspiration Behind My Decision #1: Minimizing

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

My decision to become a full-time traveler came after a series of discoveries.  Each one guiding me to the next epiphany.  I’m excited to share each of them with you and I hope you find a spark that ignites a fire inside you as well!

My inspiration started with simplifying.  It was November 2014 and I was trying to decide where to move.  I realized I did not enjoy living in Phoenix almost as soon as I arrived in March 2011, but I didn’t firmly decide it was time to go until summer 2013.  

In the 18 month period leading up to November 2014, I managed to narrow my new destination to 5 cities in 3 states.  The problem?  I couldn’t narrow it down any further.  I would absolutely decide on one, then after a couple of months I would begin to question the decision, or someone would tell me something fantastic about one of the other locations.  

At the time,  I felt like this was one of my most important move decisions to date.  In the past if an opportunity didn’t present itself in a timely enough way, I would randomly pick a place and move there.  This time, I was afraid my days of state jumping were likely going to come to an end soon and I wanted to make the most of my last few moves.

An avid Ted Talks viewer, I found a video by The Minimalists one night while indulging on self-improvement videos.   It affected me, but I did not act immediately.  A few weeks later while visiting a friend, I mentioned the video and suggested we watch it.  It was so impactful we watched another video on minimizing, then another, and another…  This time, I got the message loud and clear.

Before I left my friend’s house that night, I vocalized a decision.  I would never again own more than I could fit in my vehicle.  Never again would I be afraid to make a big move.  If I felt the need to go, I would just put everything in my car and leave.

Since then I have done 4 rounds of minimizing (it has been a process) and have at least one more to go before I move into the RV next year.   Since moving to my tiny 250 square foot apartment last month, I have kept as much as I can in containers.  Things that do not get used between now and when I move into the RV will likely go.  

The only exceptions are a container of photographs I plan to scan then trash, and one container of sentimental items I will keep. Everything else is fair game.

Ending Note:  This is a great time to check The Minimalists out on Instagram.  Starting October 1st, they began 31 days of minimalism tips.

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