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Patience is the Hardest Part

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

For the record, I am not a fan of waiting when I am super excited about something.   I need a daily mantra on patience I think.  


I’ve been reading some blogs lately where the writers have detailed the planning and research that started their full-time RV lifestyle.  I’ve learned a lot by reading their accounts from the beginning ideas, to the implementation and planning, to the first year on the road.  It makes me a little antsy to get going myself.

I’ve minimized to the point I have very few belongings left and it feels pretty fantastic and freeing. I’ve decided, after exhaustive research, that I will buy a very small (used) Class C (19-22 ft) and not keep my car.  

Financially this is the most cost-effective option for me. I’ve crunched numbers, I’ve considered personal safety, the convenience and inconvenience factors, and it really just came down to decreasing my monthly expenses as much as possible.  

While there are a couple of unlikely scenarios that might change this plan to a very small trailer and a truck, it seems pretty unlikely the Class C plan will change.

I’ve settled on some other items as well, after reading blogs, watching videos, and consulting with my parents (who have traveled by RV off and on for my entire adult life).  I have a list of RV essentials that I will be buying, little by little over the next several months, in preparation for my travels.  

I have decided to wait until the last-minute on some items, mostly technology related, so I can get the most recent versions when I leave.  I’ve decided on state of residence, have already joined a club or two, and know what companies I will be using for insurance and other things.

That leaves only 2 things left to conquer.  The two biggest.  Income on the road and saving to buy the RV.  

I feel good about the amount I should have saved before I leave, and though a little more would always be helpful, I will be able to get started on what I plan to have.  

The income is more challenging but I don’t lack options.  I am just trying to pin down the right one(s).  I have time and I plan to take that time to plan it right.

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