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Named My Van And A Brief Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Finally Named The Van!!    

Nine months after purchasing her, I have named my van.  I’ve considered several names since bringing her home in late January, but nothing ever felt right.  Picking the right name felt important to me. 

I didn’t want to pick a name I would eventually hate.  Definitely didn’t want anything that seemed cool or trendy either.  I wanted a unique name that resonated with me, regardless of what anyone else thought.

In pure Devan form, I ended up taking it way too seriously for a while.  I would obsess over finding the perfect name for days on end.  Eventually, frustration set in and I would abandon the idea of naming her altogether.  I would repeat this process again and again.

In early September I decided I was giving up.  I told myself it was a silly tradition and I just wouldn’t take part.  I convinced myself I didn’t need a ‘named’ van anyway.  (Which is perfectly ok too)   

A week after I arrived in Mesa to support the Monster’s health situation, that changed.

The naming happened during a random conversation while driving to dinner.  Thanks to my love of elephants and the Monster’s ability to speak, read, and write Japanese, we stumbled on something perfect. 

I think it is unique, meaningful, and inventive.  Without further ado:

Her name is ぞう.  Which, if I did it right, should translate to Zō in English.   It means elephant in Japanese.

A Bit Of An Update

After lots of Dr. visits, medical procedures, and a period of isolation, we’re nearing the end of this chapter of Monster’s health journey.  As nice as that sounds, it also begins a new normal for the Monster. 

As such, I will be staying in the state of AZ through early March.  I don’t plan to stay put where I am, but I’ll need to be close by for the follow-up appointments and such. 

I’m still trying to work out going to the van build on Friday 11/03.  I no longer have the money needed to install solar, but I’ve managed just fine and I don’t miss what I’ve never had. 

My Maxxair fan has not yet been installed, so I could have that done.  I wouldn’t be able to power it right now, but it would provide a nice rooftop vent.

My Van Is A Mess

A mess I can live with, but a mess none the less.  Things got ‘undone’ a bit in the few weeks I’ve been in Mesa.  Then last week I was in the van for 7 days with 3 cats when the Monster was in isolation. 

The 3 felines do not get along in an apartment and even less so in a 65 square foot van.  🙂   The resulting fur is everywhere. 

It was a long week and the hardest I’ve had since beginning this journey.  The daytime temps were 95 degrees and I couldn’t leave the van (or the area).  I had to hang out with the cats all day, in the shade, with the windows down.

Right now I have a path to my bed and the bed is clear, but things have piled up otherwise.  I need to organize and put things back where they belong.  I just haven’t had the time and it has been so hot here during the day. 

I’m a little embarrassed to go to the van build with the van looking like it does, but installing the fan would actually give me way more room. (the box takes up a lot of space on one side of my bed)

After living in the van since June, there is no question I am carrying more ‘stuff’ than I need.  I just haven’t made the time to sort it all out.  I also haven’t actually been anywhere I could drag it all out to sort it out, but would only take one day.  Just ONE DAY.  (I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now)

But hey, did I mention I named the van?  Look how long THAT took me.  Hahaha!

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