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June 24 – 30 Recap – Settling In To A New Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

June recap part 3.  Continuing to share my first month in the van.  Part 3 of 3 begins June 24th as I settle into my new lifestyle:

June 24:  Beautiful day, woke up early and got some writing done. Since I don’t have solar yet, I needed to charge my laptop.  Ventured to Starbucks and worked for a few hours.  Afterward, I headed to find some water and sand to settle in for a little while.

Guess who I ran into?  Yup.  Linda and Jewell again.  Linda asked if I had eaten yet and when I replied I had not, she said she was taking me to dinner.  Nice!  

We walked to Fathom Bistro, Bait, and Tackle.  (Thankfully they had veggie burgers!)  We had a nice dinner outside on the pier, chatting, enjoying the breeze, and people watching.


Jewell’s Dog Snax

After dinner, we played a bit with Jewell’s dog Snax before parting ways for the evening.  It was a calm peaceful night of reading once again.

June 25:  Ventured to a new Starbucks and did some writing.  An email from my former boss reminded me the paychecks stop coming in from my old job in a couple weeks.  If I don’t find work I will need to start using my savings to live.  Don’t want to do that.  Time to get laser focused… right after the 4th of July.  Haha.

Starbucks closed early for an overnight remodel, so I left at 4 PM and went down the street to Ralphs for ice and fresh fruit.  When I got back to the harbor and found a parking spot for the night, I realized I managed to forget the ice.  ROFL.  I’ll be fine until tomorrow, hopefully.

I sat up my chair to overlook the water just as Linda rolled by.  She and Jewell were making vegetarian Ravioli and salad for dinner and invited me to join them.  During dinner, the breeze got downright cold, so we parted ways early for the night.  But only after enjoying a strawberry cheesecake shortbread for dessert.  YUM.

June 26:  The sun came out very early this morning and, despite the breeze, made the van warm pretty fast.  It was hotter today than it has been since I’ve been here.  83 degrees in fact.  The anticipated high is 77 for tomorrow though, then for the next week, it is back to the low 70’s.

Went to the gym around 10 this morning, then got ice. Afterward, I headed to Starbucks for the daily stuff.  They’re still remodeling overnight through Thursday, so they politely kicked everyone out at 5 PM.

June 27:  Killed time exploring the area a little before meeting my friend David for lunch.  He kindly treated me to a fantastic meal at Souplantation as well as a vibrant conversation.

Having lived in San Diego for over 26 years, he was able to share some valuable insights and suggestions about the area.  Super helpful since I plan to be here a couple months.

David is a vandwelling lifestyle enthusiast as well, with Burning Man and The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous among his favorite annual outings.   He is a great friend and a big part of the reason I came to San Diego first and plan to stay the summer.  It was talking to David and watching Brian (Adventure VanMan) that sold me on the summers in San Diego.  Glad I paid attention!

June 28:  Laundry day!  Yep, I’m already having to do laundry.  Jewell was kind enough to take me along to her favorite laundry spot.  It was less expensive than I expected and the machines were really nice.  

Within a couple hours, we had each completed our laundry and were on our way.  It was a much more pleasant experience than I remember from years ago.

Keeping my wardrobe to a minimum was a great idea for my new lifestyle, but I may have taken it too far.  I seem to have enough pants, but not quite enough shirts.  I have zero problems wearing something more than once, but being the ‘graceful klutz’ that I am, shirts tend to get dirty faster.  

I’ve decided a few more shirts are in order, along with a couple of wraps or sweaters for the evenings (nights can get pretty chilly here).  Having spent the last 6 summers in AZ, where it is fairly common to experience 100-degree temps at midnight, I was not prepared.

June 29:  Got some insight from a local vandweller this morning on how things will roll out for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  Looking forward to arriving early on the 4th, at my favorite spot on the San Diego Bay, and celebrating the 4th by the water.  I am told the Bay will be full and my chosen location is a prime spot to watch the fireworks.

Spent a little time at Starbucks writing today.  Until a guy set himself up at a table behind me and started singing each song playing on the loudspeaker as if Starbucks was his own private Karaoke bar.  

I left after an amusing, but painful, 30 minutes of the unsolicited concert.  If he was able to carry a tune I might have stayed longer.  Where is Simon Cowell when you actually need him?  (Gotta respect the guy for his confidence though)

June 30:  Oh My.  Last day of June already.  After the 4th of July, I really do need to focus on finding a permanent full-time remote job.  Or I need to get something part time (locally) for the next couple months.  

Should work either way since I am staying in San Diego through the end of August at least.  I would prefer a permanent remote thing, but I have no doubt the job I want will come in time.

Impressions of San Diego so far?  With this kind of weather, I will probably be back every summer.  It is wonderful here.

Impressions of Van Life so far?  It feels good.  Zero complaints.  Even without solar, my roof fan installed, or a 12v fridge (yet).  Surprisingly easy in fact.  Learning what I need, and what I don’t, while slowly organizing and eliminating excess.


I’ve spent my entire adult life moving almost every year (with few exceptions) because I needed the change of environment.  Sometimes I would even move to the opposite side of the same city if couldn’t leave the area.  

As I think about future options more, I like the idea of traveling to a new state or city, finding a location that feels right, and settling in for a few months.  Really getting to know/explore the area.  Then, as the novelty begins to wear off, I can venture someplace new.  

Since I still need to work for a living, I will spend more time as a city dweller for now, with regular trips to enjoy nature as I can.

I love that I have no specific agenda.  No need to move at any particular pace.  I can stay or go as the mood strikes.  Living simply, deliberately, and following my bliss.  If you get it, you know.  If you don’t get it, I can’t make you understand.  This is my definition of freedom and I don’t owe anyone an explanation.

What does the future hold?  I don’t know.  Perhaps someday I won’t be able to drive anymore.  I could decide I want something different 10 years from now.  Or maybe I will be on the road for 30 more years.  

For right now though, I want to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  Because today is beautiful and it’s everything I want it to be.

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