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Crazy Facts About Me – Vegetarian and Vegan Eating

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I’ll start this post by saying it won’t interest everyone.  And that’s OK. I will also say that this aspect of my life, and my choice to be a Vegetarian/Vegan is a very personal one.  

You will never find me pushing my diet on you.  I will politely answer your questions if you ask and will give you more information if you are interested, but this is my choice and I have no interest in making my personal views on this matter any kind of agenda.  

I respect you and simply ask that you respect me.  There are endless silly questions I get asked when someone finds out I don’t eat meat.  I like to have fun with it – This video gives some great examples.  This particularly snarky piece is a good read and a good laugh.  

When I first decided to travel the country I thought about a blog and website I had read a couple years before called Will Travel For Vegan Food and wished like hell I thought of it first.  A travel blog about vegan food?  Uh, hell yeah I could do that!  

She beat me to it though, and hers is so awesome I refuse to even go there.  I’ve tried to come up with a vegan/vegetarian travel blog idea, but nope, I got nothin’.

A picture from my kitchen

A picture from my kitchen

I became a vegetarian in 1990 and other than two very short periods of time (each lasting less than 4 months) I have remained a vegetarian.  

The first lapse came during the last few months of my pregnancy in the early 90’s (shamefully because I was too lazy to cook properly for myself during my pregnancy). However, I was so serious about going back to it that when I registered for the hospital in the month before I gave birth, I listed my meal preference as vegetarian.  The minute my daughter was born, I went straight back to a vegetarian diet.  

The second and only other lapse in my diet came during the height of the Atkins Diet craze in 2003.  My now former mother in law lost a good amount of weight following the diet, and since I am prone to weight issues despite being a vegetarian, I decided to give it a shot.

After a couple of months, no significant weight loss, and the onset of chest pains, I decided to just go back to the vegetarian diet.  I realize now there is nothing that will ever convince me to eat meat again.

Even as a kid I wasn’t much of a meat eater.  We lived in a farm type environment and my Dad raised chickens, rabbits, and other animals for meat.  Butchering animals was the norm and my younger (and only) sister was all about it.  

I participated in a few rabbit situations, but I did so because I always felt my sister did stuff better than me.  I also wanted to impress my Dad.  I tried to be cool about it, I just wasn’t.

As a got older, I began to get more sensitive to eating meat on the bone.   My Mom started cooking healthier around the same time and we ate a lot of chicken dishes where the meat was in the dish and therefor, no bone.  

One night, after a long day at work, my Mom stopped and got KFC.  Though I hadn’t really said anything before, I complained that the chicken had a bone.  Mom had no idea I was feeling like I did and asked me to eat my dinner. Simple parental request, right?  

I grabbed a piece of chicken, took a big bite, pulled it away from my face, and saw blood on the bone.  I began gagging and barfed in my plate.   After that, if we ate something cooked with a bone, Mom would take the meat off the bone before serving it to me.  

Needless to say when I told my parents I was becoming a vegetarian, they were not surprised.  In fact, my Mom has always gone out of her way to make vegetarian dishes for me every single time I visit.  I’m telling you right now, the woman makes a mean broccoli lasagna.

Becoming vegetarian was pretty absolute after I watched a video on factory farming when I was just turning 20.  I transitioned off pork first, then red meat, then poultry.  That part of the transition took only 6 months, but for several years after that I would eat fish occasionally.

After a particularly disturbing dinner at a hibachi restaurant in Mayfield Heights Ohio, I was done with fish too.  It was on this night I discovered 2 things.  Shrimp are gray before they are cooked and when you order salmon at a hibachi restaurant, you get eyes and scales with it.   That was the end of that.

I mentioned earlier it was a personal decision, but for me it is also an ethical and emotional decision.  Ethical in the sense that I personally don’t believe in using animals for our personal benefit and respect the right of freedom for all sentient beings.  

Emotional because I am extremely sensitive by nature and have an unusually strong sense of empathy.  In fact, I cannot watch factory farming expose’ videos.  I already know the cruelty exists, but when I see it, I cry.  

God forbid they show a close up of the animals eyes, I am sobbing uncontrollably if that happens.  Just typing these words has me a bit emotional.

I don’t miss the taste of meat at all and I don’t crave it.  In fact, the thought of eating it at this point makes me sick to my stomach.  I don’t mind if other people eat it and I can live with seeing it on the table, with the exception of a carcass.  I have a tough time at Thanksgiving and would simply never go to a pig roast or something similar.


My Vegan Chili. I’ve fooled countless meat eaters with this and they LOVED it!

On August 1st 2014, after years contemplating it, I decided to try transitioning to a vegan diet.  The previous month I watched Vegucated for the first time.  After watching it, I decided to watch a few more that were recommended:  Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

I’ll be honest, the vegan thing has been hard.  I don’t ever, under any circumstances, cheat and eat meat, there simply isn’t a temptation to and it sickens me to even think about it.  But I have dairy cheated and had cake.  And pie.  And cheese.  

So I am not vegan. I am a strict vegetarian and I will choose vegan food when I have an option, but not vegan.

When people meet me they are usually surprised that I am vegetarian.  I’m not terribly skinny as many might think a vegetarian would be.  I like food, what can I say. I just like it vegetarian. lol

So there you have it, one of my many eccentricities.  Not much more to say on the subject except to ask that if you ever meet me, please don’t ask if ever I miss a ‘big ol juicy steak.’  **gag** I assure you I do not, but for some reason people still love to ask.

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