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Birthday Bliss! Happy 48th Birthday To Me!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Mom and me at the former Golden Bell Diner in Oakland, CA at 14th and Alice St.

Today is my 48th birthday!   I haven’t been shy about sharing with anyone who asks that I am turning 30…  with 18 years experience.  HAHA!  I may not get cuter with age, but I sure think I’m funnier at my 48th year young!

It’s an exciting birthday because this time next year I hope to be on the road.  Potentially, I will have visited Texas, established domicile in South Dakota, visited my Grandmother in West Virginia, attended the Balloon Fest in New Mexico, and spent some time at the Grand Canyon.

Then, one year from today, I plan to spend my 49th birthday in the city I was born, San Francisco, California.  It will be a pretty busy first 3 months and I have probably over-committed.  But the only plan I have after that is to attend the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in January.  Then we’ll see where the road takes me.

On this day last year, I had no clue only a few weeks later, my life direction would dramatically change.  I’ve always been a free spirit with nomadic tendencies.  I just didn’t open my eyes to the kind of life I really wanted until early this year.  

The series of events that led me here were serendipitous, but life events over the last 10 years also played a role.  If I had not changed the person was in the 10 years prior to my divorce in 2006, we would not be having this conversation today.

My big struggle is the waiting.  I have never been much of a planner, so trying to wait until August 2016 to get on the road is, and has been, difficult for me.  I am prone to make a decision and fly with it immediately.  This one is big though and I want to do it right.  

Once I am on the road, I intend to be on the road until I physically can’t do it anymore.  Thus, planning, waiting, researching, learning, and saving are all essential to my successful transition into the life I want.


Quickie phone pic of the boys right now.

Although work looms on the horizon of my day, I’m sitting peacefully on this chilly morning with a cup of hot cardamom and cinnamon bark tea. I’ve got a brand new box of Speculoos cookies I bought myself as a 48th birthday treat.  The cats have taken over my bed.  Basil sweetly watching me and Freddie doing what Freddie does.  ;-P  😊

And me?  I'm feeling extremely happy for this simple little moment.  Really hard to argue with happy.  Happy is golden.

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