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Birds of a Feather Nomad Together

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Birds of a feather flock together.  Remember that saying?  I think we nomads are sometimes a bit like birds.  We have built a supportive community around us, traveling both solo and together, adventuring to different locations depending on the weather, and taking advantage (in a good way) of the natural resources available to us. 

I got to the office this morning and the parking lot was full.  I had to park in an unfamiliar area by a patch of grass that I had never parked before.  As I put my car in park, someone walking by on the sidewalk threw some chunks of bread into the grassy area by my driver side window.  I didn’t give it much thought as I sat there daydreaming, avoiding the start of my work day.

I must have been sitting there 10 minutes when I noticed the first of several birds wander over and pick up a piece of bread.  It wasn’t very long until there were 5-6 of them right in front of me eating.  They hopped and fluttered around, eyeing my movements carefully as they would come closer to grab the pieces of bread near me.


Fly, be free.

Before long I found myself softly laughing at them as they played and ate, realizing I had been smiling for some time, completely lost in the moment.  My thoughts began to wander to a time in the near future when I could sit for hours and watch the birds if I wanted to.

I absolutely love the city, the culture, the sounds, the smells, all of it.  But those moments when I am completely surrounded by trees, not a person or building in sight, make my soul come alive.  For me, and many who choose a nomadic life, nature truly is our therapy.  

In a few short months, I will be waking up each morning and deciding if I want to live that day in the city, spend it in nature, or any variation in between.  That kind of freedom is so important, so valuable, to me.

I am setting out for a new life.  A new adventure.  And for the first time in my life, I have no doubt.  I am consciously choosing this life and I am going to share as much happiness, joy, peace, positivity, appreciation, and kindness with everyone I can along my journey.  I’m excited to meet my fellow nomadic birds along the way… but until then I’ll be here planning, preparing, and daydreaming.

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