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A Little Creative Visualization

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

There are days I wake up and wish I was a year ahead of where I am now.  Most people my age would never wish to ‘lose’ a year, but I am anxious to get on with my plans. I’ve never been particularly practical (let alone patient) about anything, so the urge to jump wildly into my travel plans is tempting beyond explanation.  

Reality being the much-needed splash of cold water on my face, I will continue to plan, save, and dream for a bit.  

I’m not entirely certain what possessed me to write the short snippet below, perhaps my impatience is causing me to lose touch with reality. :-P Though admittedly I am a bit of a daydreamer since I was quite young.  

I remember my first-grade teacher Mrs. Nimo telling my mother during their first parent-teacher conference:  “She’s a very bright child, but she daydreams too much.”  I loved Mrs. Nimo and was slightly heartbroken she felt this way.


Anyway, as I was sitting at my desk at work a few weeks ago, I began to imagine my goals coming to fruition. Like everything I planned was happening, now. So I started writing. Sure it’s complete fiction, but perhaps it’s just a manifestation technique for creative types. It’s short, but it makes me happy to think about, so here it is:

I stepped through the glass door to the balcony, the antique ceramic tiles, yet untouched by the morning sun, felt cool under my bare feet.  The gentle ocean breeze tussled my hair as I watched the ‘morning people’ stream into the coffee shop below me.  I wouldn’t normally be up this early, but I was too excited to sleep.  

An old friend had allowed me to spend a few days in her vacant beachfront condo while I finalized my plans, tied up loose ends, and prepared to begin my travels. As I sipped my tea and filled my lungs with the fresh ocean air, I noticed a small number of people were already headed to the beach.  Their arms filled with coolers, chairs, and towels as they searched for the perfect spot to settle in for the day.  

While a day at the beach sounded wonderful to me too, I had other more important plans for my day.   I was finally going to live life authentically, on my own terms, and in my own way.  I had worked hard to get here, overcoming my biggest obstacle by far in the process – Myself.

I did it and here I was, ready to embark on my greatest adventure to date. I knew this was the perfect direction for my life, until and unless the universe instructed me elsewhere.  At this moment, I could imagine no other choice that would bring me this much happiness.

In less than an hour, I would be behind the wheel of my newly purchased RV and heading out for adventures unknown.  My cats Freddie and Basil would be joining me, but otherwise I was doing this completely on my own, and that is the way it needed to be.  

I’m a Day Dream Believer.   A little creative visualization never hurt anyone.

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